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Courtesy of Dick Houghton

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  • 01. Esmerelda's - some old unused hives on display -  m_image_4132
  • 02. Removing the super from a National hive in the nearby apiary at WBG  m_Img_4157
  • 03. Lifting the super off the brood box m_Img_4156
  • 04. Smoking the entrance m_Img_4154
  • 05. Removing the queen excluder from the brood box m_Img_4133
  • 06. Close-up of the brood frames with separators m_Img_4158
  • 07. Lifting a frame with the hive tool m_Img_4159
  • 08. Smoking the exposed brood frames in a different hive with Hoffman frames m_Img_4134
  • 09. Brood box exposed with 1 frame removed m_Img_4138
  • 10. 1st frame removed for inspection m_Img_4135
  • 11. 1st brood frame being inspected m_Img_4135 (2)
  • 12. Brood frame with mainly empty cells drawn out on the wax foundation m_Img_4137
  • 13. A healthy central frame with capped and uncapped brood, nectar and capped honey m_Img_4139
  • 14. Another central frame with queen, empty cells, capped and uncapped brood m_Img_4140
  • 17. Worker carrying pollen m_Img_4143
  • 24. Worker carrying pollen m_Img_4143
  • 15. Queen on empty cells from which bees have recently emerged with capped and uncapped brood and capped honey m_Img_4141
  • 16. Another view of the marked queen m_Img_4142
  • 18. Queen egg on the end of the hive tool m_Img_4145
  • 19. Drone cells on the base of a frame with a destroyed queen cell in centre m_Img_4146
  • 20. Lots of bees! m_Img_4148
  • 21 Destroying an unwanted queen cell m_Img_4149
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  • 23. Helper in beesuit with smoker - job done m_Img_4152
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