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Michael Venn
Michael VennPresidentFounder
I started Bee Keeping in Andover, Hampshire in 1970, later becoming the local BK Chairman, then later still becoming Vice-Chair of Hampshire BKA. Following our move to Geldeston in 1986 I continued bee keeping and in 1987 I started WBG and our first meeting was attended by 40 interested people. I continued keeping bees until 2002. A Couple of years ago I was invited to be Life President of WBG. Joy and I support the group wherever we can.
Tony Rainbird
Tony RainbirdInformation Officer/News Updates (01502 711601)info@waveneybeekeepers.co.uk
I started this silly fascinating hobby of Bee Keeping about 6 years ago; if only the bees had read the same books as we do, we'd bee well away. I joined the committee to give something back to WBG and I'm happy to receive constructive comments about the Newsletter and the Website.
John Laskey
John LaskeyCommittee member (077885 25970)j.f.laskey@btinternet.com
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Bob Spruce
Bob SpruceChairman (01508 492963)chairman@waveneybeekeepers.co.uk
I started Bee Keeping when I was 10 and has been a hobby ever since. I currently have 130 hives which keep me very busy. I do most of the training for WBG, run the training apiary and have been Chairman of WBG for many years. Learning to keep bees takes about five years and it is important that we support the bees as much as we can.
Phil Mathews
Phil MathewsSecretarysecretary@waveneybeekeepers.co.uk
My adventure into beekeeping started 6 years ago when I made my first top bar hive. A few years later I did the Beginners Course with WBG and now have 3 top bar hives and 4 nationals. This year I hope to expand my apiary by 1 more top bar and 2 nationals, as well as working towards the Basic exam.
Paul Gray
Paul GrayVice Chairman (01502 564739)vicechair@waveneybeekeepers.co.uk
I took up bee keeping about 10 years ago, I have found it a fascinating hobby and am happy to assist new beekeepers when ever I can.
David Martin
David MartinCommittee Member (07786382309)davidgm22@yahoo.com
I'm 55 years old and have been keeping bees of my own for just a few years myself but my father has been keeping bees for a long time and I have helped him for many years and so I believe I have a reasonable grounding in beekeeping. I am active member of the club just helping out with many other clubs activities.
Trevor Allchin
Trevor AllchinTreasurer (01986 873836)treasurer@waveneybeekeepers.co.uk
Membership Secretary and Suffolk Representative for WBG. Been keeping bees for about nine years now, still fascinating!!
Abi Marriott
Abi Marriott
I have wanted to keep bees ever since watching Queenie looking after her bees in Larkrise to Candleford! I haveve only been keeping bees for a few years, and very much still learning. I joined the committee to help out where I can, mainly helping with talks to interested groups and baking cakes for meetings.
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